Liberty App

Liberty is a decentralized community of individuals and businesses who are committed to supporting the Liberty Blockchain. Community members own and operate Liberty Node software and contribute to the stability of the network.

Progressive Web App

The Liberty App runs on any iOS or Android mobile device. You can also access your Liberty App from your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Intuitive Interface

The Liberty App makes it easy to store, manage, or spend your digital rewards.

Liberty Vault

Earned rewards are deposited and secured in the Liberty Vault. You control when to send them from the Vault to your account.

Decentralized App

The Liberty App lets you manage and spend with confidence. You hold the private keys for ultimate protection.

Manage your account, security settings, private keys and balances from one convenient interface
Manage your account balances and instantly convert crypto
Monitor the markets and current prices
Safe and secure. The Switch App is decentralized and you hold the private keys
Load your Switch debit card using a fast and intuitive interface
Receive crypto deposits from anywhere
Safely store your Switch rewards in the Switch Vault
Manage autopay for your recurring payments


Your opportunity to own and operate a part of the decentralized Liberty Blockchain network.



Liberty Blockchain Software



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