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Holly McKay

By December 14, 2021March 4th, 2022No Comments

Hollie McKay is a writer, war crimes investigator and best-selling author of “Only Cry for the Living: Memos from Inside the ISIS Battlefield.” She was an investigative and international affairs/war journalist for Fox News Digital for over fourteen years where she focused on warfare, terrorism, and crimes against humanity.

Hollie has worked on the frontlines of several major war zones and covered humanitarian and diplomatic crises in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Russia, Africa, Latin America, and other areas.

She has spent considerable time embedded with US and foreign troops, conducted extensive interviews with survivors of torture, sex slavery and forced child jihadist training, refugees, and internally displaced people to communicate the complexities of such catastrophes and war crimes on local populations.

In addition, Hollie serves as a board member for EMERGENCY USA, a non-governmental organization that endeavors to assist victims of conflict around the world, and is the Outreach Director for Burnt Children Relief Foundation (BCRF) to bring severely bomb-burned Syrian children to the U.S. for lifesaving treatment.